Airplay Jugglers Coming!

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Famous Airplay jugglers, Wes and Jeff Peden, are coming to our Block Party for a special performance this Saturday, August 4th, at 1 pm. This is a show you and your kids won’t want to miss! Today’s Democrat & Chronicle published a marvelous story about Wes and his dad in today’s edition that starts out:

When he was 5, Wes Peden was already juggling three balls. “At first, I did it to impress my dad,” says Wes, 17, of Rochester. His dad, Jeff Peden, has been juggling since elementary school. “I would watch juggling videos instead of Barney,” he says. A chest of drawers in the Pedens’ living room offers proof: Every drawer is filled with juggling videos. Instructional videos, show videos, competition videos. “I’d watch and figure out how to do what they were doing,” he says.

He caught on. Jeff Peden, a former teacher (he still teaches a juggling class at Rochester Institute of Technology), has been making his living as a juggler for years — since 2004 with Wes as his partner. In a good summer month, they’ll do 30 or more shows at schools, rec centers, camps, parties, you name it.

Click here to read the whole story about the international plans Wes has, then click this link to view a video that will get your enthusiasm up. We’re stoked!

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