Arnett Block Association

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Arnett Block  Association

Several years ago, in response to concerns voiced by neighbors on Arnett Boulevard, Dr. Morehouse’s wife, Susan, gathered a group and started the Arnett Block Association. We’ve been meeting once a month ever since then with neighbors, police officers, building inspectors, and landlords, working to reduce the crime, drug dealing, and gang violence in our area, closing each meeting with prayer.

The group has spearheaded several positive community projects, including hosting a Bible Club and Block Party in our parking lot every year. This year we’ve arranged to have Rochester Community Bikes hold a Bike Clinic where 15 bikes and helmets will be given away and kids will be helped and taught how to fix their broken bikes. We’ve renovated the Arnett Library foyer with donated supplies and an artistic mural done by Richmond Futch. And, with the city’s help, we’ve also planted a large perennial garden at the corner of Arnett and Wellington called the Arnett Bird and Butterfly Garden. It was just beautiful this year!

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