Best Block Party Yet!

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Best Block Party Yet!

Our 7th annual (!!!) Arnett Block Party last Saturday was a wonderful success, thanks to the generous participation of so many amazing volunteers and contributors. We’ve already been having a very hot and sometimes wet summer, but the weatherman was predicting rain in the morning and scattered afternoon thunderstorms for our Block Party so we were a little concerned. What did we get instead? Balmy sunshine and puffy clouds all day long! And by 3 pm when the party was in full swing we had already gone through 500 free hotdogs and bags of chips!

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Here’s an unsolicited report from a neighbor who came, helped, and stayed the whole day:

Dear Susan,

The Arnett Block Party that you and Rora and the others have put together (at your monthly planning meetings all year, which I never attend!) was simply amazing, and I’m sure it will lodge in the memories of the neighborhood children. I was there yesterday, and it was simply fabulous. There was SO much happening, so much for families to do, and all free. Everyone LOVES getting those free raffle tickets, and listening every 15 minutes to see if they get lucky and maybe their number will be called! I don’t know where you found that magician, or how much he cost, but he seemed to have a good audience, and I liked what I could overhear.

Then there were the ponies, the Zoomobile, the basketball, the bike repair, the kids trying out Rural/Metro’s stretcher. Wow!

The clown was making some really spectacular balloon creations, which were in great demand, as kids were queued up the entire afternoon. And I saw some fabulous painted faces on kids who had visited that tent.

The neighborhood library had a big presence, with Bruce and Debbie giving out free books and doing readings.

When the police officer arrived with Ian, his dog from the K-9 corps, and answered questions, that was a big draw. A great chance for the kids to have a positive interaction with the police. Also, Officer Kristin Runyon was offering a service of checking car seats to make sure they were properly installed. Wow!

I hope people took advantage of the free blood pressure and blood sugar checks. What a great service that was.

The Mt. Olivet Choir did themselves proud. I could see that the rapper had talent, and it was a great opportunity for him to further hone his talents.

Dana Miller gave a shout-out to the sponsors, Tops and Wegmans and others, and we definitely appreciate them being such good corporate citizens, contributing all that food to this worthy cause. Speaking of Dana Miller, he dedicated his entire afternoon, and did a great job at the microphone, not too intrusive, not too loud, and keeping people aware of the goings-on.

I’m quite sure that some of the services were not donated. I’m sure whatever funds we had, if any, did not completely cover the Zoomobile, the ponies, the magician, and probably several other things. If a person wanted to contribute towards those costs, to whom would they write the check?

As you have said, it is a joy to see so many people from our neighborhood working toward this good end. Thanks again for everything you do. And Bill was right there by your side the entire afternoon, so welcoming to everyone, and so upbeat, as always.

When I attend the Southwest Common Council Meeting, I will be sure to report about this event.

Mary Dan

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