Bike Clinic Rocks ‘n Rolls

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Bike Clinic Rocks ‘n Rolls

R Community Bikes (RBC) and His Branches held a neighborhood Bike Clinic in our Arnett parking lot last Saturday that exceeded all expectations. After being postponed for 2 weeks due to the heavy storm we had on May 8th, we had a great turnout and were able to give away 18 reconditioned bikes in a free lottery to kids who had lined up in eager anticipation. RBC’s expert volunteer crew of bike mechanics was also on site with parts and tools to repair an estimated 50 or more bikes that showed up that day. There were many happy faces as donated bikes (and helmets provided by the Rochester Police Department) were given away to children. 

R Community Bikes a non-profit organization that recycles bikes in Rochester. RCB gave away over 1500 bikes to the Rochester community last year. Thanks to a grant, they have a trailer for bringing bikes, tools, and parts to off-site events. Their shop/warehouse is at 226 Hudson Avenue, and volunteers are welcome!

Our next collaborative event will be on Saturday, August 7, from noon until 4 pm when RCB will join us again for our annual Block Party. Be sure to come and bring your neighbors and friends!

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