A Great Bike Clinic

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A Great Bike Clinic

It was supposed to rain on Saturday, but the Lord heard our prayers (and those of lots of neighborhood kids who wanted their bikes fixed) and sent sunshine streaming down on our Spring Bike Clinic! Dozens of kids, family members, and friends came from all directions in the neighborhood to sign up for our free bike raffle and get their own bikes in shape for the season. Then the wonderful crew of volunteer mechanics from R Community Bikes rolled in with their fully equipped truck, loaded with tools and parts and 15 DONATED BIKES and HELMETS for the raffle, and we were off! The afternoon was busy from 1 to 4 pm when the line finally thinned out. You should have seen the faces on those kids as they rode around on their bikes, some for the first time this year.

Do you have a bike in your garage that nobody is using any more? Consider donating it to our friends at R Community Bikes so that they can get it out rolling around again and blessing someone.


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