Change Has Come

Posted by on Nov 5, 2008 in Prayer | 0 comments

Yesterday America’s voters went to the polls and chose leaders for our future. Many of us have been praying earnestly for God’s hand to be upon our land through our democratic process. Today the results are in, and we would like to congratulate all who have won election to office and wish them well in their endeavors. We are particularly holding up our new President-elect, Barack Obama, and his running mate and transition team as they prepare to pick up the reigns of our country in these unusually challenging times. While we may disagree with the stands they have taken on some issues, especially the critical ones of abortion and homosexuality, we pledge our full prayer support for them as they seek to bring healing and restore stability, both at home and abroad.

Click on the picture above to view Senator Obama’s encouraging acceptance speech, and click here for a link to the website of his transition team.

God bless you!

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