Easter Eggs in the Park

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Easter Eggs in the Park

We had a great turnout and fun time again this year preparing, hiding, and letting kids find and gather Easter eggs in the neighborhood park down the street. Rora spent spare moments throughout the year finding special sales on Easter baskets and brightly colored plastic eggs just waiting to be filled with candies. Then neighbors who have been helping maintain the Bird & Butterfly Garden on the corner of Wellington Ave. and Arnett Blvd. all year long gathered to share a meal together, plan for spring planting, and stuff eggs with candies they had brought. When the day arrived (predicted by “the weatherman” to be cold and filled with clouds and snow squalls) what did we have? Sunshine! Blue skies with puffy clouds! Crowds of cheerful kids, parents, and friends. After playing for a while, the clock struck 1 pm and off they went! Within minutes all the baskets were full and the garden space had been cleared! There were special Easter coloring books with pictures of Jesus celebrating the Passover with his disciples and going to the cross, crayons, flyers about the upcoming Bike Clinic, and invitations for parents to take part in the Arnett Block Association. A good time was had by all!


Getting the eggs all ready for the big day!


Lining up while the clock moves toward 1 pm, then off we go!

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