Embracing Options

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Please welcome our newest program, Embracing Options, an urban crisis pregnancy center we’re developing under the sponsorship of Care Net! We previously reported our plans to you when we were calling our new project the Pregnancy Care Center of Rochester. However, after much prayer and sharing with some young people in one of the programs here in the city, we’ve decided to change the official name to one that is more “user friendly” in our neighborhood. We believe that a major part of reaching women with crisis pregnancies in our community is to allow them to see that they have options (other than abortion!) and that not only can they embrace those options but they can be embraced at the same time. Safety, trust, and love are so important to a young woman in times like these. Certainly, carrying a pregnancy to term also allows for the first embrace of a newborn child that is an experience unlike any other!

Embracing Options is now officially open for business. If someone is in need of counseling, we are accepting clients and referrals (call 585-235-0690). Our Director, Sandra Clawson is working very hard to connect with local churches and social programs not only to raise awareness but also support for what we’re doing in the neighborhood. We’re very excited about an invitation-only outreach to interested supporters that is occurring on April 7, 8 and 9. We’re also excited about the enthusiasm that has been evident with people we talk to from around the community. We’ve submitted our application for an ultrasound machine though Focus on the Family Option Ultrasound, and in the meantime we’ve been the temporary recipients of a donated ultrasound machine that we’re using to train volunteers.

If you have interest in this area or want to help us financially, please contact us or you can even donate online! Give us a call as soon as possible to discuss your interests (235-0690)!

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