EO reaches out to NE

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Plans are well underway for Embracing Options to open a new office in Rochester’s NE side! For over a year, EO has been forging a strategic alliance with Joy Community Church with committed volunteers, training, and fund-raising. Now a full office suite has been set aside in the new Gerhardt Ministry Center (GMC) on the corner of Bay and Goodman Streets for a second EO office. The hitch? The space needs major renovations. Thursday evening and Saturday work sessions are being organized to rehab the facility. The new satellite’s director, Kirsten Smith, hopes to begin offering services to the NE community early this fall, working in close conjuction with staff in the GMC Hope Shop and Ali Reeves, PA, in our new medical office when they open downstairs. Troublingly high rates of abortion and sexually-transmitted illnesses indicate that the need is great. If you would like to help, please contact Sandi Clawson at 235-0690.

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