EO to begin STD testing

Posted by on Apr 22, 2008 in Youth Outreach | 0 comments

His Branches and Embracing Options have received a $1000 grant from the Greater Rochester Health Foundation through the intercession of Dr. Andrew Doniger and his staff at the Monroe County Health Department to fund a pilot project offering EO clients free urine testing for the two most common STDs, gonorrhea and chlamydia. Jessica Speares, our Rochester Youth Year worker, has been studying the issue and planning with Dr. Morehouse and Sandi Clawson for nearly a year, developing protocols and teaching materials and training volunteers. The pilot project will start next week and end with a full analysis of the results after 50 tests (at $20 a test) have been done. Those clients who test positive will be offered follow up clinical services through Grace Family Medicine. We’re trusting that the results of our initial project will demonstrate the need and justify the allocation of further funds to continue. Please pray that our counselors, using this additional testing tool, will be able to reach more and more at-risk individuals with our message of hope, healing, and life.

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