Expanding Spiritual Care

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Expanding Spiritual Care

Those of you that are familiar with the medical care provided at Grace Family Medicine know how we integrate prayer into patient visits, believing that faith is an integral part of the recovery process. In some difficult cases a rekindling of faith may be the only real answer to the patient’s symptoms. For the whole body to function properly there has to be a clear balance of all the systems that the Lord created, and if one of those systems is not functioning properly then illness is more likely to present itself. One of the most profound and least understood systems in the medical community is that of our spirit or spiritual nature. Very often there are things that influence our spirit that are undetectable with modern science and thus cannot be treated using the scientific method alone.

Dr. Fountain pioneered a similar vision to whole person medical care in Africa while Dr. Morehouse was pioneering the approach here in America. The two of them have connected, and their vision is to see “spiritual care-givers” planted in medical practices all over the country. His Branches is looking for a spiritually mature, Bible believing Christian person who is interested in working alongside our doctors to offer spiritual counsel and prayer to individuals with maladies that modern science alone can’t treat.

Jesus was the Great Physician, and we believe that a team approach to medical care that includes this new position will enhance our ability to impact and influence the health of our community.

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