GFM Break-Ins

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“Old-Fashioned” Clinic Burglarized Five Times
Break-in news video

Reported by: Evan Axelbank, Channel 8 News

It’s gotten to a point where doctors and nurses aren’t surprised to find this kind of damage.

“It’s sapped their enthusiasm and energy, it’s kind of like OK, what am I going to find now?” said Bill Waldert, the clinic’s business manager.
Only two weeks ago the only thing they had to worry about were patients, of which three fourths are on medicare or medicaid.

“This is a good old-fashioned family practice,” said Waldert.  “We take care of the babies right up through the grandparents.” But now, broken glass and broken windows and ransacked offices are signs that they’re under an almost constant assault by an unknown burglar.

“Its really got us stumped right now,” said Waldert.  “A little but of money, a lot of broken windows, a couple of computer monitors, but there really is not anything in here, there’s no reason to come in this building.”

It has started to feel like a cat and mouse game. After they changed the locks yesterday, they came in to find that burglars came in through this window. Bill Waldert has a message for them.

“We’re here to try and do some good for you and your families.  Please let us go about our business,” said Waldert.

Even though the break-ins have been frustrating, Grace Family Medicine is going to plow ahead.

“God knows we don’t pay them very much.  So they are here because they want to be here, and so they can be a positive resource for the community.” 

The broken glass hasn’t shattered their spirit.

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