Greetings from BT

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BT writes from Jerusalem:

First, I have some good news to report. After a long struggle, I have a happy ending to the story of my visa. Finally I was granted temporary residency. That means that I can continue my work here without worrying about my legal status to stay. The timing was quite remarkable. Previously, just when my request for a visa had been denied and appeals had been unsuccessful, the government fell and after the elections the interior ministry was given to a new political party. The new minister reviewed my case and granted me a volunteer visa for two years (until the end of 2004). In November, again he reviewed my case and granted me temporary resident status. Just two weeks after I was notified of the decision the government faced a crisis that led to major changes, including a new interior minister. I got the visa just in time, avoiding the delay that would have been inevitable dealing with new administration. I am very grateful for the favour shown to me for my contribution in assisting the Lebanese families, and for all who have helped and prayed for me through this long process. The situation of the Lebanese is unique as is my work among them and although I did not have an organization to support my application, the Lord gave me the assistance I needed.

Click here to read her full report.

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