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BT writes from Jerusalem:

July 1983, twenty five years ago, I traveled to the Middle East to begin a year of volunteer service. I am amazed as I consider how the Lord has kept me here and enabled me as a dental hygienist to provide dental services for hundreds of needy people in both Lebanon and Israel.

Much to my surprise, the dentist who has been working with me for the past eight years told me he can no longer continue and we are now trying to work out an alternate solution to continue to help the needy. I will write more in my next letter, but please keep this matter in prayer.

In an email accompanying her newsletter, BT adds:

I just mailed out the following letter, but have a revision for my e-mail list. I’ll write in more detail in my next letter, but the Lord has provided the means to continue the dental clinic and together with a local fellowship, to provide dental services to even more people in need of assistance, Israeli residents as well as the Lebanese. As we begin the new program from the first of September, please keep us in prayer.

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