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BT writes from Jerusalem:

This letter is long overdue, but finally I am sitting down to write. Over the past few months little has changed in news reports from the Middle East and the conflicts seem impossible to solve. Through the years that I served in Lebanon, and now among the displaced Lebanese in Israel, I have learned first hand what it means to live in the midst of conflict and instability. I have also learned that even if the news events reported are discouraging, there are many personal stories of hope.

Recently I attended a women’s conference and was challenged by the biblical teaching on the elements of justice, righteousness, mercy and peace in relation to reconciliation. As Arab, Jewish and international believers we had our faith in common, but still you must leave your comfort zone to face difficult issues and here there are personal stories of hope. Even in the midst of conflict we can make a difference in our communities, reach out to others and develop relationships.

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