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BT writes from Jerusalem:

I recall well my first impressions when I moved to south Lebanon in 1984. It was devastated by years of warfare. By the time I left in 2000 the area was prospering with many improvements and new shops and homes. Although I did not see all of the reconstruction of Beirut, I had traveled throughout the country and saw the great efforts of Lebanon to recover from the years of civil war. I had to leave with the families of the former South Lebanese Army, allies of Israel, but it was with great sorrow as Marjayoun in south Lebanon had been my home for sixteen years and I left many friends behind. Since May 2000 I have been living in Israel, working on behalf of the Lebanese families who fled to Israel when the Israeli army withdrew from south Lebanon, but I have also followed news of Lebanon with great interest and fondly remember my friends, neighbours and all the people we served at the Marjayoun Dental Clinic.

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