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BT writes from Jerusalem:

After serving for many years in south Lebanon I am glad I can continue to help the families who lost their homes. When I first opened the Arazim Dental Clinic I thought it would be a project to offer these people emergency dental treatment during a short period of transition. Most hoped to either return to Lebanon or to immigrate to another country. Now, six years later, the dental clinic continues to serve this community. Dental care is an important and practical way to assist people in need and many consider it to be the most valuable project offered for their benefit…

Looking ahead, I am planning to visit Toronto and Rochester, NY from Sept. 9 to Oct. 10. I can be contacted in Toronto at 416-225-2060 during this time. I have also been invited to teach in the Youth With A Mission primary health care school in Senegal the end of November. I will teach preventive dentistry, clinical dental hygiene and share from my experience in cross cultural ministry in the Middle East.

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