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BT writes from Jerusalem:

May 23 will mark the day that thousands of Lebanese fled from their homeland six years ago when Israel withdrew her troops from south Lebanon. The community of approximately 2,500 who reside in Israel continue to struggle to build new lives, displaced from their homes, traditions, family and friends. Financial compensation for years served approved by the Israeli government over a year ago has still not been received and no one knows when and how it will be paid. One instalment was expected in March when rent assistance was discontinued, but nothing is certain. Although the first generation will never recover what they lost, they hope for a better future for their children. Those who excel in school and pursue higher education will have better opportunities to find their place either in Israel or elsewhere – perhaps to study abroad or to emigrate. It is harder for their parents, though, none of whom feel as though they truly belong being neither Jewish nor Arab. Although they speak Arabic, as Lebanese they are distinct in ethnicity, culture, tradition, history and belong to Christian, Muslim or Druze religious sects. Many, especially the Christians, fear they will lose their identity from one generation to the next living within Jewish neighbourhoods as a small minority.

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