Greetings from BT

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BT writes from Jerusalem:

This has been a year of change in the Middle East. Lebanon has witnessed historic events including the assassination of former prime minister, Rafik Hariri, the subsequent withdrawal of Syrian troops, the first free elections since 1975 (the outbreak of the civil war) and now awaits the results of the investigation into the assassination of Hariri with the expectation that those responsible will be brought to justice. The Lebanese community in Israel (families of the former South Lebanon Army soldiers who took refuge in Israel when Israel withdrew from south Lebanon in 2000) watch the news from Lebanon with great interest. In this changing world anything can happen, but for now, the official policies of the Lebanese government and general situation in Lebanon does not allow these people to return home safely. They continue the long process of building new lives in Israel, but never feeling truly at home and always with underlying insecurities about their future, often feeling neglected. I cannot change their circumstances, but I can reach out to them in Christian love.

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