Gun Buyback a Great Success!

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Gun Buyback a Great Success!

We thought you all would like to hear the results of the Gun Buyback last Saturday. We brought in 243 guns – more than 1/2 were hand guns and of those 150 only 10 were legally registered, in other words 140 illegal handguns! Also one assault rifle was brought in with its magazines of ammo. At least two young men bringing in their guns that were definitely coming from off the streets. One young man said he was making some changes in his life and didn’t want to be involved with guns anymore. Wow! It was an amazing day for us all. The Rochester Police Department says this is the biggest single gun buyback ever in Rochester. Thank you to those who brought in food for the officers and people who brought in guns. It was much appreciated!

Click here to read the full article in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

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