Easter Egg Hunt

Our annual Easter celebration for kids of all ages

Our annual Easter Egg Hunt

was one of the best ever this year! We had wonderful weather, sunny all day and in the mid-50s, and a great turnout. Kids and their parents and older siblings began arriving to line up half an hour in advance, little children first. Big-hearted neighbors, under the lead of Rora Rice, had gathered hundreds of plastic eggs and stuffed them with wholesome candies, collected a couple dozen Easter baskets for the occasion, and then made and put up signs weeks in advance.

The crew arrived at noon and “hid” over 500 eggs (in plain sight) throughout the Arnett Garden Park, then led the kids in stories while they gathered and waited. When the clock struck 1 pm the first round of preschool children was off, followed a few minutes later by their older brothers and sisters. The crowd went wild, and within 5 minutes all the eggs were being carried off, not a single one left to be found! RPD sent three wonderful officers who had brought stuffed animals for the children to go with the Easter coloring books that volunteers had brought. Some of the kids even had a chance to sit in a Patrol Car (up front where the good guy policemen sit, NOT in the back where bad “robbers” go :).

There’s already talk about next year…