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BT writes from Jerusalem:

I returned to Israel early November and am settling back into life here. I kept in touch with my staff dentist and was able to keep the dental service going as usual in my absence. Besides our Lebanese patients, I was also contacted by a local congregation to ask if we could offer dental care to several Sudanese refugee families they were helping and of course I was happy to help them too. Since returning I’ve visited a number of Lebanese families, including family members of the Lebanese family I have been helping to resettle in Canada who were very happy to have a first hand report from me. Next week, I’ll take dental equipment and supplies to a new project in the Bethlehem area.

Personally, although I know I still have work here, I also know the Lord planned for me to be available to help my youngest sister in her fight with cancer and I seek guidance as to how to use my time over the next months. Linda is starting radiation treatment today over the next two weeks. Chemotherapy will follow starting sometime in January or February. Please keep her in prayer as she undergoes treatment. We are praying for healing, that she will come through all of this cancer free.

While in Canada I explored new ministry opportunities and found a training course for ESL that would give me a certificate from Cambridge University that is widely recognized throughout the world. I also found opportunities for ministry among new immigrants and refugees. 2008 will be my 25th year of ministry in the Middle East (Lebanon and Israel). As I shared with you during my last visit to Rochester, I believe the Lord is preparing me for changes, but I’m praying for guidance as to what and when.

I missed seeing all of you this year, but I hope to visit again sometime next year. Until then, I appreciate your friendship and your faithful support in prayer.

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