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BT writes from Jerusalem:

As the year 2006 draws to a close, the cease-fire that ended the summer war is holding, and normal life has resumed for many, but the consequences of the war will be felt by both Lebanese and Israelis for a long time to come. As I write the kidnapped Israeli soldiers have not yet been returned, but I pray that by the time you read this letter they will be safely home. Lebanon has begun the enormous task of reconstruction, but thousands of Lebanese whose homes were destroyed face a bleak winter.

Click here to read her entire Christmas newsletter.

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  1. Dear Bill & Susan,

    Thanks for your Christmas letter & photos. My trip to Senegal was wonderful! I love teaching and so enjoyed being part of the YWAM primary health care school. Training people who will use the training in ministry is rewarding. It was also interesting to visit another African country. Enroute I had a day to spend in Madrid and ventured out on the Metro (subway) to see a bit of the city. I flew in & out of terminal 4, so was surprised to hear the news of the car bomb at that terminal the other day. The day I traveled all was quiet and secure with special attention to carry on items – one never knows.

    I was at the Canadian Embassy today to deliver documents for Jim & Vera. They just need a medical report now so things are moving. I gave them the forms to take to the designated doctor and will help them with the funds they need for the exam and required tests (it’s quite expensive and they have to pay cash at the time of the appointment). I expect that they will be ready to travel by March or April and I plan to travel with them to help them get started. The sponsorship is a new project my church is taking on and no one really knows what to do so I want to be available to help.

    My staff dentist is opening a private clinic in Tiberias soon and we plan to operate the dental assistance program for the Lebanese from his clinic. He will set aside the hours he works in my clinic for the Lebanese in his clinic and I will subsidize the treatment. I’m following through with my plan to donate the dental equipment I have to a Christian group in Bethlehem, and will arrange a meeting soon (next week, I hope). There are a lot of details to work out so I would appreciate your prayers! In this way I hope to keep a program for the Lebanese and help another needy group of people.

    You can share the above with the board – I spoke of changes I was anticipating during my last visit. Also, I’m applying to extend my temporary resident visa for another 2 years. It shouldn’t be a problem, but I can’t take that for granted and I’m so grateful I have the help of the legal clinic. I’ll keep you informed about all these matters. I so appreciate your prayer support and friendship!

    Love, Beverley

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