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BT writes from Jerusalem:

This has been another year of change. As I was writing my last letter I did not know what would happen at the end of August. When Dr. Mousa told me he had to close his practice in Tiberias it meant that I would have no clinic or dentist to provide a dental program for the needy.

After helping many hundreds of the Lebanese with extensive dental care I expected at some time to gradually phase out the service, but not to suddenly stop with so little notice. The day I got the news I began to inform our patients, one of whom was a believer who had been referred by the pastor of a local fellowship. She thought the service was too important to lose and asked her pastor if he could help. To make a long story short, I discussed the project at length with the pastor and we agreed, with an initial six month commitment, to partner to support the service thus making it available to even more needy people referred by the fellowship as well as the Lebanese. This plan allowed Dr. Mousa to keep the clinic and continue working with us.

It is a solution I neither initiated nor thought possible so I can only thank God for it. As I reflect over the past 25 years of my ministry I can clearly see the Lord’s hand enabling and guiding me, even through circumstances that I could not anticipate and could not understand. Life is full of uncertainty, but we have confidence in the Lord.

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