Passover 2014

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Passover 2014

Tonight on April 14

at sundown begins the 2014 Passover week, heralded by a full moon which this year will be darkened into a “blood moon” by an unusual eclipse (see previous post).

Observant believers will be celebrating a ceremonial meal called a Seder following an age-old format outlined in a book of order called a Haggadah or “text” which contains biblical narrative about the exodus of the Hebrew people from their captivity in Egypt under God’s miraculous leadership through Moses. Click here to read more about the Seder and its significance for today.

And if you’re not celebrating with God’s people this year, consider preparing in advance for next year as we ponder the amazing relationship between the Old and New Testament revelations of God’s love which came together as Palm Sunday, Passover, and Easter coalesced in Christ nearly 2000 years ago.

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