Passover ‘Blood Moon’

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Passover ‘Blood Moon’

Eclipse Dazzles Skywatchers

The total eclipse of the moon lasted only a short time, but it still dazzled not only viewers but those who have been noticing an unusual sequence. This the third of four ‘blood moons’ in a row that all herald the start of major biblical holidays, starting with Pesach (Passover) and Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) last year and following up with the same two holidays this year.

A total lunar eclipse is sometimes called a blood moon because of the red color that is cast upon it by light refracting in Earth’s atmosphere. Early risers in the western U.S. and Canada should have been able to catch a glimpse before dawn today (the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter and this year the first day of Passover). The moment when the moon was completely obscured by Earth’s shadow lasted several minutes, making it the shortest lunar eclipse of the century.

The total eclipse was unusually brief because the moon passed through the upper part of Earth’s shadow. Longer eclipses occur when the moon passes through the middle of the shadow. The next total lunar eclipse will occur in September at the onset of Sukkot. Click here for a further discussion of the possibility that the sequence of four ‘blood moons’ may constitute a sign.

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