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In RYO’s second newsletter, Jessica and Greg report:

We are so privileged to work with these kids. It is amazing the breakthroughs we have seen. As the kids are loved and invested in, we get to see their hard exteriors begin to peel away and they become kids once again. There is nothing worse than a child who is forced to grow up before their time due to circumstances they have been placed in, but here they are able to let it all go and be themselves. Bad behaviors are decreasing exponentially, and our hearts melt as we begin to see they are just enjoying spending time with us. It is so awesome to see the special bonds that volunteers have with the kids. The littlest ones, especially, who just love to be held and played with are adjusting quite well. Cuss words are becoming rarer, and please and thank you’s more common. We have had the chance to see the oldest ones begin to lead without being asked; helping to calm the younger ones down and serving dinner to all, as well as admonishing their bad behaviors.

A few weeks ago when I (Jess) asked one of our kids to pray with me before dinner (not thinking he would), I was shocked to hear his response. “Yeah, I’ll pray with you, but you have to stand up and pray. That’s how we do it.” His desire to show respect for the Lord by standing fueled the fire to keep the work going.

Click here to read their entire newsletter.

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