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In RYO’s Spring newsletter, Jessica and Greg report:

What a whirlwind this year has been! It seems as though we just began our friendships with the young people we see each Thursday. With the conclusion of both the Elim Bible Institute and Roberts Wesleyan College academic calendars, our outreach also concluded for the summer.

The end of the year was definitely full of challenges! Taking finals, preparing for a trip to the Philippines, attending medical school interviews, working part time, and moving to a new house kept Greg on his toes! Jess fought valiant battles with end-of-the-year presentations and finals, RA responsibilities, and teaching English to refugees from Burma. We are so thankful that we have such a dedicated group of volunteers at RYO! Surely the last several weeks of the program would not have been possible without such dedicated and diligent workers!

With our trusty volunteers returning to their hometowns for the season, RYO will be taking on a new form in the summer months. We hope this time will be useful for coming up with more recruitment strategies for Rochester-area colleges, formulating new ideas for the program, and building up support within the neighborhood.

Click here to read the entire newsletter.

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