Spring MD Breakfast

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Spring MD Breakfast

On Saturday, April 30th, GRMCCF will be hosting Bruce Jackson, Executive Director of the Christian Community Health Fellowship, as our guest speaker. He will be speaking on the topic “Working Among the Poor: A Cross-Cultural Adventure for Health Professionals.”

Bruce has this to say about his subject material: “It has often been said that as you walk in another person’s shoes you gain an understanding of that person. Jesus was able to at one moment relate to a person in a position of power and authority and at the next moment relate to a person that had no options and was in poverty. We will be looking at the silent barriers that prevent poor people from accessing health care, and in looking at these barriers we will gain an understanding of their world. The obvious barriers are access, provider shortage, and inability to pay (no insurance). The silent barriers include lack of options, asset limits, powerlessness, issues of trust, survivor mentality, and the unseen barriers of attitudes and atmosphere created by providers.”

Please mark your calendars for this event and sign up now!

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