The gospel according to whom?

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The gospel according to whom?

What does Jesus think?

Daniel Burke, CNN Religion Editor, has recently written a challenging online essay titled “The guilt-free gospel of Donald Trump” that should stimulate a lot of thought and discussion in the evangelical community.

The closest thing I can find to this on the other ticket’s side of the campaign is an article the September issue of America – The National Catholic Review by Michael O’Loughlin titled “The Private Faith Life of Hillary Clinton” that is remarkably tempered, given Hillary’s staunchly anti-Catholic views on abortion and sexual morality.

For those of us who vote with consciences guided by a Biblical worldview and ethic, articles like these along with both candidates’ statements on the trail and debate performances tend only to add to our concerns about the quality of leadership currently available to us in national politics and where it will lead our country in the future.


“Now when Jesus approached and saw the city, he wept over it…” Luke 19.41

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