The Leaves are Raked!

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The Leaves are Raked!

It’s been a late fall with heavy leaves, acorns, and walnuts on the ground, surrounded by branches and large “twigs” blown down by the wind. Our main parking lot, back yard, courtyard, and side parking lot have been full, but now they’re empty, thanks to good brothers helping! Earlier this week Harry used a leaf blower to clear and bag about 6 large rubbish bags of leaves from the main parking lot, and today a crew from the youth group at Joy Community Church came over and completed the job on both sides of the building, harvesting a huge pile of 30 bags of leaves and debris! Our gardens have been put to sleep for the winter and the grounds look great! Many thanks to all who helped.

The Saturday Crew

leavesgoneAll clear on this side – and look at those wonderfully empty trees!

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