Who Was Jesus?

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Who Was Jesus?

As we meditate

on the events of Good Friday, we often wonder Who was this man? Coming from a Western cultural background, our mind fills with images from our childhood of what Jesus might have looked like and how He behaved, often forgetting that He was of humble Middle Eastern background, a young Hebrew man deeply steeped by His own choosing in the teachings, traditions, and worldview of his heritage.

What we call the “Last Supper” was really a Passover Seder in which the bread of life was the Aphikoman and the cup was a cup of Redemption and Acceptance at the culmination of the Seder service. Shortly afterward Jesus went to the Garden of Gethemane to pray, was betrayed, tried, and crucified. His body was placed in the grave during the day “before the sabbath” commenced at sundown. That sabbath was a “special sabbath” because it was the official start of Passover.

How does this all fit together? Click here for a brief commentary on Jesus’ appearance, and/or here for some reflections on the Passover timetable leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection. God bless you all!

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