Willie Hits the Streets

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Jefferson Avenue prepares for revival
Reported by: Kevin Jolly

Monroe County lawmaker Willie Lightfoot is going from door to door spreading the word. The lawmaker and minister is spreading the word about a revival tent going up in the heart of one of the city’s most challenged neighborhoods. “Some systemic issues that we’ve been dealing with drug trafficking and other crimes like robberies, things of that nature,” said Councilman Lightfoot.

It’s not just crime. Businesses there are also struggling to survive. Nelson Baldwin has operated a barber shop on Jefferson Avenue for 30 years. “I’ve seen Jefferson Avenue at its best, thriving best I should say,” said Baldwin.

He’s also seen it at its worse with the crime and drugs. “A lot of them just hang out down here on the Avenue and do the wrong thing. That’s because they don’t have the training they need and they happen to reject it these days and time,” said Baldwin.

Pastor George Dailey is teaming up with Councilman Lightfoot to help spread the word. He says its just one way of reaching residents and turning this neighborhood around. “We trying to reach everybody we possibly can. We reach people and their lives have changed it’ll be a better community a place where we can live together,” said Pastor Dailey.

Councilman Lightfoot says he’s seen the revival work in the past and hopes to have the same success this year. “We’ve seen drug dealers, we’ve seen drug addicts come give their life to Christ as a result of this tent revival. Turn their lives around and then join the other side of the team and start helping us with the positive efforts instead of the negative efforts,” added Councilman Lightfoot.

The revival begins on Monday July 7 and is scheduled to run the entire week.

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