Wonderful Block Party!

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Wonderful Block Party!

This year’s Arnett Block Party was a wonderful success, thanks to our gracious God who held the weather so marvelously for us and to the many community volunteers, agencies, and performers who put so much into the day. Starting with Matt Doward and his Horses’ Friend crew and carrying through a visit from our favorite police dog, Child ID, face painting, free food, firefighters and their truck, an ambulance, contests and prizes, the ZooMobile, bike repairs, hoop contests, a fabulous clown show, music, free books and Story Time from the Arnett Library, and closing with a Gospel sing-along at the end, the whole afternoon just flew by! And all the while the weather held, balmy and sunny, contrary to the weatherman’s rainy predictions! Check out our slideshow for a taste of the day!

The following letter from one of our faithful volunteers captured the days activities perfectly:

Once again you and your committee knocked it out of the park (and the weather report was right, at 60% chance that it would NOT rain!).

Now you need to go home and sleep for a week.

I loved Bill’s anecdote at the beginning, saying he talked to a young man on the street who said, “Oh! Is today the Block Party? I remember that from when I was a kid!” Yes, they will all remember it. The fact that the street is blocked off sets the day apart as special, and I loved watching the kids honing their skills playing basketball and riding their bikes.

The ponies and Zoomobile were big hits, both bringing the “natural world” to urban kids.

Your committee had gotten SO MANY wonderful prizes for the raffles. I went back to the prize tent and looked, towards the end of the day, and there were still pool passes and gift certificates and many other things. I know it took a lot of work to get all those donations. The kids are beside themselves when they find out raffle tickets are free. They can hardly contain themselves as they wait politely to get a ticket, and they are so thrilled if it turns out they have a winning number.

Hats off to the crew that stands for four hours grilling hot dogs and serving them.

Once again, the bike repair is one of the most worthwhile things that you bring in. Kids wait patiently in a long line to get their bike’s seat raised, or some have a tire that is completely falling off.

A wonderful day in the neighborhood. Thanks for all you do.

Mary Dan

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